Because marquette

Stick it on your SkyBox, hang it on the wall at camp, wear it proud below the bridge or throw one below the belt. Whatever you do with your Because Marquette swag, do it with pride, eh! Shop all posters, stickers, apparel, drinkware and more!

Because Marquette - Play Dirty

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If you don't hear back from us right away, we're probably in the middle of nowhere exploring the back 40. Rest assured that once we kick off our muddy boots and hang our packs to dry- we'll be in touch faster than a transplant can buy a shovel on October 1st. (Seriously though, if this is your first Yooper winter... make sure you have a shovel before October. You can thank us later.)

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321 Front Street
Inside LoyalTees
Marquette, MI 49855