Marquette memories

Leaping off Blackrocks, late nights at Ten O’Clock Charlie’s (now Café BODEGA), digging your car out of ten foot snow drifts, watching the Northern Lights dance across Lake Superior, sharing a beer with the colors of autumn on top of Sugarloaf, and of course walking to school barefoot, in a snowstorm, uphill both ways. 


Whatever your #MarquetteMemory is, we want to hear about it! Share your Marquette Memory with us below and stamp your memory in time for others to enjoy. Because really, none of these posters, stickers, or t-shirts would mean anything at all if we didn’t have Marquette Memories to go with them.

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Adventures In Climbing

Adventures In Climbing

John Voich: My journey and love for the U.P. And specifically Marquette started about 6 years ago, the rest is history from there!  I came to Marquette to visit my sister Brittany who attended Nmu. Little did I know that my first trip to see her I would absolutely...

Blind Ambition

Blind Ambition

A classic shot from May 1981 in Downtown Marquette of Blind Ambition- the U.P.'s first punk rock band.   Thanks to Kirtley S Dayton for sharing his #MarquetteMemory with us! We think Kirtley said it best when he said Marquette is:   "The perfect place that I spent my...


If you don't hear back from us right away, we're probably in the middle of nowhere exploring the back 40. Rest assured that once we kick off our muddy boots and hang our packs to dry- we'll be in touch faster than a transplant can buy a shovel on October 1st. (Seriously though, if this is your first Yooper winter... make sure you have a shovel before October. You can thank us later.)

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