Because Marquette is everything that embodies the Marquette area and the free soul it represents. Encouraging adventure and echoing beauty from one end to the other, Marquette has earned the right to be celebrated, so that’s what we’re doing.


Support your favorite local parks and landmarks, and look good doing it! ​

We teamed up with The City of Marquette and LoyalTees Clothing to raise money for the beautiful places we love so much. ‘These Goods Are Good for Marquette’ is a new merchandise program to benefit local parks and landmarks, launched by the City of Marquette and designed by That Girl Amber.

A portion of all sales from the Balckrocks, Ore Dock, Presque Isle, and McCarty’s Cove apparel is donated to the Marquette city parks program.

Ore Dock

Once the heart of Marquette’s economy, the old Ore Dock in downtown Marquette remains a symbol of hard work, and the foundation Marquette was built on.

Presque Isle

From surfing the angry waters of Superior to first kisses at Sunset Point. Presque Isle is enjoyed by everyone who visits or lives in Marquette, Michigan. 


Test your courage or watch as others take the plunge! It’s a common Marquette tradition to jump off Blackrocks in the summer… or the winter.

McCarty's Cove

The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse overlooks Marquette’s most popular beach front area. Swimming, volleyball, kayaking, and even surfing. McCarty’s is always ready to play.


That Girl Amber has worked in Marketing & Design for over 20 years, and has been in love with Marquette for even longer. It was inevitable for the two passions to collide.
If you're looking for graphic design and marketing with a kick, let's grab a drink!

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(Seriously though, if this is your first Yooper winter... make sure you have a shovel before October. You can thank us later.)

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