About Us

Finding Your Way Why

Our why started with living out of a tent for a month while working from a Subaru, with hopes of finding a place to call home. A solo road trip (+ doggo) through the mountains, ending with the Solar Eclipse of 2017 in Glacier National Park.

Without fail, everyone we met along the way would ask: “Why would anyone live way up there in Michigan?” and the answer always seemed to start with:
“Because Marquette…”

Because Marquette is breathtaking.
Because Marquette has the best trails.
Because Marquette has great beer.
Because MarquetteΒ shares Lake Superior.
Because Marquette is home.

No matter how far we traveled, Marquette was with us. It was in the expressions we used, in the respect we had for the outdoors, in the love we had for the water andΒ in the sense of community we felt everywhere we went.

This road trip was a quest for direction, and it ended up leading us straight back home to Marquette, Michigan.

A Passion Reignited

Coming back to the Upper Peninsula meant coming back to inspiration, passion and an appreciation for everything Marquette. A creative at heart and artist by trade, Amber (aka That Girl Amber) started designing Michigan themed apparel again- a side hustle she had started back in 2001 when her original 906 design took off.


Local Women Local Heart

Amber and her partner Libby have turned their passions into a livelihood that supports women, adventure, the community and the planet. Libby is a local middle school art teacher by day, and Amber owns a creative agency working remotely with brands worldwide.
Amber & Libby also own BODEGA– a restaurant, bar, and bakery in Downtown Marquette. With an emphasis on sustainability, local farm fresh ingredients and tempting dishes made from scratch. A place for conversation, live music, local art and Because Marquette goods!

Talk To A Human

If you don’t hear back from us right away, we’re probably off exploring the back 40. Rest assured that once we kick off our muddy boots and hang our packs to dry, we’ll get back at ya soon.Β 

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