John Voich:

My journey and love for the U.P. And specifically Marquette started about 6 years ago, the rest is history from there! 

I came to Marquette to visit my sister Brittany who attended Nmu. Little did I know that my first trip to see her I would absolutely fall in love with the outdoor atmosphere that Marquette gave off.

About 4 years after that visit I graduated from NMU with a bachelors of science in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management. Needless to say Marquette has a special vibe and atmosphere to this town and it is my home away from home! 

One of the most magical places on earth (well at least to me)!  The adventure is endless here in Marquette and that is why I love this place!

Photo of John Voich and a friend climbing in Marquette county. It was actually a training day for an NMU course Teaching of rock climbing. One of the many things you can do in mqt!